If you’re like me, you have a burning desire to TRAVEL the world and don’t want to wait until you’re 60+ before you start (sorry if you’re over 60 😉 ).

Maybe hike up a mountain, relaxing on the beach or adventuring, exploring and the opportunity to meet new people and gain new experiences is what i’m about!

then allow me to introduce myself! My name is Otis “Passport” Powell! Pleased to meet you!

I travel alone a lot and tend to do it on a budget, because why spend more when i can spend less for  higher quality? However i am more than happy to travel with another person or even a group.

You’ll find that i tend not to call my trips or travels “holidays” as I see holidays as an escape from a lifestyle (work, kids etc) whereas my lifestyle IS a “holiday”. No escaping here 🙂 .

Since I was a child i have always wanted to explore the world buy living in a single parent household with a brother we never had the opportunity. I didn’t travel until i was around 21 years old (embarrassed face).

I hope you enjoy my page and learn something new. If you are interested in contacting me for tips tricks and travels then send me a message.